Our story

Pelletterie D&Dwas born in the 90s as a small artisan enterprise to transform itself over time into a company where tradition, current events, manual skills and technology coexist in a happy and perfect balance. The intelligent recovery of ancient leather processing, such as vegetable tanning and hand buffing of the hides have become our strength and the most distinctive feature of D&D products.

The creation of a classic but always green style, and the modernization of items from old Tuscan leather goods manufacturers, have contributed to the affirmation of D&D products and the company’s personality in Italy and worldwide.

Our products

All D&D products are made exclusively in the main Tuscan center of Florentine leather goods. Here the expert hands of our artisans carefully assemble the product, creating our unique design and models.

The choice of leather is regularly checked by our experts leather makers in the tanneries of Santa Croce sull’Arno. Our experts adjust colors, shades and texture of the leather in order to obtain a product that distinguishes the D&D brand.

Even the metalworks are meticulously designed and crafted by leather artisans of the Florentine production center. Their work guarantees rigorous Italian quality and that touch of originality that distinguish our brand.
D&D dedicates its products to those who love tuscan tradition and leather goods. Our products are meant to satisfy the needs of professionals and managers who seek to combine luxury and everyday practicallity.